Jollibee Dancing To Gangnam Style

Monday was Jollibee’s anniversary and Nova and I happened to be on our way home when we heard Gangnam Style being played at full blast at the restaurant. Kids from the neighborhood were all looking in, and we both knew immediately that the Jollibee mascot was there.

We went in to have Choco Sundaes, but we really wanted to check out the event. At my age, you would think that I have already outgrown Jollibee and not get excited about mascots, but hey, I still watch Disney and know every freakin’ title sequence song in every show, so yeah, I was totally fangirling over the giant red bee mascot. (That sounds weird, but it’s the truth)

I had mixed feelings when I went in, ‘coz despite my love for the Jollibee mascot, I’m terrified of dolls, and Jollibee seemed like a really big doll. So I was happy that ย the mascot was there but I didn’t want to go near it.

As we ate our sundaes, Jollibee danced to his theme song, and Nova and I, out of impulse, applauded him when the song was over. But apparently Jollibee, has some weird stage fright issues, and he’s only confident performing when no one’s paying much attention to him. So when it was time for him to dance to Gangnam Style he only danced to half of the chorus and then cowered away to the back of the counter. I began to wonder whether we knew the person underneath the costume, but then again I’m not really good at remembering people so he might know me, but I wouldn’t know him.

I did get a short video of him dancing. It must be tough to dance in that costume, but I sometimes wish I could try it out. Have you ever wondered what it’s like to try a mascot costume? I think it could be fun.

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